Taro [played by ed] is a character in the main The Mortal Path campaign. He is an Alfallen-Tiefling with indigo skin and long, backwards curved horns. In episode 1, he is described as having short black haired and big, circular, wire-rimmed glasses. He is described is quite skinny and is quite young. 

Taro is on the whole a very light-hearted character who often puts his foot in his mouth and says wholly inappropriate things while talking. He has a love of overly bright and garish clothing. He has a lot of aliases which all seem to be built around the core name 'Taro'. 

Creation of 'Taro' as an identityEdit

WARNING - This section contains major character spoilers.

It is revealed after the characters enter Tenbren and Taro organises a surprise birthday party for himself, that the identity of Taro is only 2 years old. 'Taro' is actually a culmulation of various memories of various different people who have all been brought together into one identity. Nat seems to be connected to the events that created Taro, and the wizard user (Soprendi?) who caused it.

Later in the volcano, we are made aware of Vesper as an identity that also lives separately within Taro's body. It is unclear at this point if any more identies live separately in Taro alongside Taro and Vesper. Taro was described as 'sleeping' while Vesper was conscious and in control of Taro's body.

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