Nerium Oleander is a Halfling rogue from Alfallen and one of the main characters from the main campaign. She can be distrustful of others at first, but is kind and loyal towards her friends. Nerium is voiced by Kitty.

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Nerium is 39-40 years old and described as "completely unremarkable" [ep. 1]. She has long brown hair, "sort of dark skin" [ep. 2] and brown eyes. As a former seamstress, she is often concerned with the state of her clothing and expresses disappointment and annoyance when her clothes are dirtied and ripped.

Nerium is a Halfling, a small race that averages about 3 feet tall. Although she has proven capable of protecting herself, she often sticks nearby Natalia or Taro when she feels nervous. She is naturally stealthy and can easily hide or blend in with a crowd.

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