Little Ebbing is a small village situated on the Kragg Moor. The buildings are made primarily out of wood and stone, and settled by a mix of mainly dwarves and humans. The village relies on trade with the nearby town of Grendleford, and makes its living from the deep, dark forests on the mountainside.

Description Edit

Little Ebbing is a sleepy, quiet village. Home to a small population of less than 50 people, Little Ebbing is the final village before the land gives way to mountains. The village is peaceful, with three ‘guards’ who mainly look out for people fleeing Grendleford for whatever reason.

Climate Edit

Due to its positioning on the Kragg Moor Peaks it exists in a constant twilight with an unchanging winter season. Below it grows a sprawling forest, and most of the agriculture is collection of roots and tubers, and edible plants foraged from the forest. There is also hunting both in the forest and the mountains, and heavy trade with Grendleford.

Notable Characters Edit

Devin Kaius: a human man who housed the Blood Chuggers for a night after they came across him playing dead on the mountain road.

Velm: A human woman and head of the ‘guards’, who accused the Blood Chuggers of the murder of Astin Kaius and transported them to Grendelford for a trial.

Hanmar: A nonbinary human and one of the other two guards who accompanied the Blood Chuggers to Grendelford.

Involvement with the Blood Chuggers Edit

Taro, Nat, and Nerium were brought to Little Ebbing by Devin, who they found playing dead on the roadside in a bid to prank his brother, Astin. He mentions Astin is late and due to come this way, but escorts them to the village. He is suspicious of them and how they came to be so high on the mountain, inappropriately dressed for the weather and climb, and not quite buying the story they give. He stops off at his brother’s wife’s house to enquire after Astin before he leads the trio to his house.

Devin provides them with food, shelter, and extra blankets, and lets them sleep in the guest bed. However they’re rudely awoken by Velm and two guards. The body of Astin has been found and his death is suspicious. The three are taken for questioning, and when they’re unable to convince her of either their innocence or their guilt, she decides to take them down to Grendleford for trial.

Despite several escape attempts the trio are carted away from Little Ebbing and through the forest.

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